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Principal's Message

King-Murphy Mountain School Community,                                                                                               11/21/2023

“No amount of regret changes the past, no amount of anxiety changes the future, any
amount of gratitude changes the present.” - Ann Voskamp

As I have transitioned into my new role as the principal here at King-Murphy Mountain School, I wanted to
express my gratitude as we head into Thanksgiving Break. First, I want to thank the entire King-Murphy
community for the warm welcome. Staff, students, and families have been incredibly kind and supportive.


As an educational leader, I recognize that our children are our most precious resource, and I am honored
that you have entrusted me and our staff to provide a meaningful, challenging, and compassionate
educational experience for your child. While it may sound cliché, it is undeniably true that it takes a village
to raise our children, and I am sincerely appreciative of the strong partnership that exists between the
families and the school community here at King-Murphy.

From second-generation families whose parents attended King-Murphy and have chosen to send their
children to new families joining our community, we are fortunate to be part of such an inclusive community.
My goal is to continue building trust with all stakeholders and to create the kind of magical experience we
envision for our students.

Thank you all for allowing me to be part of the King-Murphy Mountain School story and have a wonderful
Thanksgiving break.

Gobble Up Pie Time:

Today, 2nd graders in Mrs. Needham’s class extended a warm invitation to their 1st-grade and Kindergarten friends to share some delicious pumpkin pie. The 2nd graders aptly named the event: "Gobble Up Pumpkin Pie.'' Serving as hosts, students actively participated in planning the event, crafting and delivering invitations, setting up the tables, plating the food, and joyfully serving their KM friends. This gathering was a heartfelt expression of gratitude and friendship during the holiday season.

Thankful 3rd and 4th Graders:

Students in Mrs. Richardson and Mrs. Gordon’s 3rd and 4th-grade classes came together to create crafty pumpkin pies adorned with messages of thankfulness. The students expressed gratitude for various aspects of their
lives, including their families (and pets too), freedom, food, art, and their school. This activity served as a meaningful way to foster a sense of belonging by sharing the things they are thankful for in their lives.

PreK Thanksgiving Feasts:

PreK has already enjoyed two days of Thanksgiving feasting! On Monday, we delved into the book "Stone Soup" and created our own stone soup recipe, mirroring the storyline. As a community, we chopped carrots, potatoes, celery, and onions using safety knives typically reserved for carving jack-o'-lanterns. To
complement the soup, we made delicious pumpkin muffins from scratch, resulting in a delightful afternoon feast.


On Tuesday, we explored the book "Bear Says Thanks" by Karma Wilson, retelling the story with foods that each
character brings to the Friendsgiving dinner. We took the opportunity to compare and contrast the stories of Stone Soup and Bear Says Thanks. Our children also crafted beautiful watercolor paintings, which we turned into thank-you notes for our incredible support staff at school, including those involved in building maintenance, food
services, and office tasks. These personalized works of art, along with our pumpkin muffins, were shared to express our gratitude during this Thanksgiving week.


From Our Amazing Art Teacher:
Winter Arts Festival Call for Entry!

This year's Winter Arts Festival is taking things to the next level! In addition to showcasing classroom
art projects, we would love to feature art from home. This is an invitation for both students and

For Student Artists:
● You are invited to bring one art piece from home!
● The art must be an ori
ginal idea and your very best work.
● Drop off student work from December 4 to December 7 with Ms. Drake.
● All art will be on display in the lobby/hallway by the gym during the week of the Winter Arts

For Parent Artists:
● You are ALSO invited to bring one piece of art to display at our Winter Arts Festival!
● Parent drop-off will be from December 12 to December 13 with Ms. Drake.
● If you are a professional artist, please feel free to bring business cards to display with your

Disclaimer: Our students are very good at respecting art on display; however, there is always a
chance of damage at an elementary school. It will be a 'share at your own risk' display. Parent work
will only be up for the evening of the concert (December 14th). You will be asked to take it home with
you at the end of the night.

For questions please contact Ms. Drake via email at


Upcoming Events:
11/22-24 Thanksgiving Break (No School)
11/30-12/2 EL Education National Conference
11/30 - Wildfire Community Protection Event 5:00-7:30PM
12/11 PTA 3:45-4:45/BAC 4:45-5:30PM
12/14 Winter Arts Festival 5:00-7:00PM
12/20 No Activity Busses will be running

Scott Bain, Principal

"There is more to us than we know. If we can be made to see it, perhaps for the rest of our lives, we will be
unwilling to settle for less." - Kurt Hahn


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